As an organisational psychology practice, we make use of a blend of deep expertise, incorporating the best technology and neuroscience to accurately predict an individual’s behaviour on the job, to help with selection decisions, induction, motivation and management.

Our psychological assessment comprises two components.  Firstly, cognitive ability testing that is designed to measure executive functioning. Specifically, we are measuring a candidate’s capacity for higher order thinking including reasoning with language and numbers, as well as abstract cognitive processes.  This includes measuring emotional regulation and control and an individual’s strengths in perception, problem solving, judgement, recall, planning ahead, and the ability to quickly understand new ideas and concepts.

The second component of psychological assessment, measures and assesses an individual's personality.  We use a robust personality questionnaire, which is predictive of an individual’s behaviour and ability.  The test we use has been successfully tested for reliability and validity using samples of tens of thousands of people across numerous demographic and occupational categories. It is considered to be highly accurate and predictive. Very few tests can make this claim.

We conduct the following levels of assessment:

  • Executive Level Psychological Assessments comprising a comprehensive executive functioning assessment and personality and leadership assessment.
  • Management Level Psychological Assessments comprising tailored cognitive ability testing and personality and management profiling.
  • Individual Contributor Level Psychological Assessments comprising specific cognitive ability testing and broad based personality profiling.

All of the tests we use are norm referenced, standardised, have strong construct, face and criterion validity and are in the domain for use by registered psychologists only.   We use the best of the proven and relevant traditional methods combined with the best on-line assessments – only those that have Australian norms.  We will not take a risk assessing your candidates using an online ability test option where the size of the norm group is questionable or the test itself lacks validity. 

We guarantee 24 hour turnaround of all test results to our clients.  Initially we provide verbal feedback followed up by a written report when required.  The feedback we deliver is commercial and relevant - relaying behaviours that are predicted under certain circumstances as opposed to general psychological/personality descriptions. We provide development suggestions and referrals that are grounded in reality and are cost effective.  As psychologists we are ethically obliged to provide feedback to all the candidates who undertake an assessment with us.  These feedback sessions are highly valued by our candidates, providing them with an objective, professional development opportunity that they may not otherwise have been afforded.

For more information, please contact Virginia Henningsen.